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As a Francophile, I find the whole French motto of good food, good wine, and good company to be a sort of life philosophy that I adamantly adhere to. Roast chicken seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and herbs de provence…stone fruit caramelized in a cast iron skillet and flipped over a bed of pastry…or slow-fermented dough kneaded into a crusty, airy boule….these are just a few of my favorite things about French cuisine and pastry.

After creating my popular French food blog and seeing just how many other Francophiles out there share my love of French cuisine and pastry, I was inspired to delve deeper into the world of French cooking and baking through an online membership.

The French Culinary Experience is a continuous opportunity to learn, share, and invoke the spirit of French gastronomy right here at home in your own kitchen. At the heart of this community lies a love for France and great food. It’s my goal to not only share my insights into French cuisine and pastry, but completely immerse you in a virtual trip to France so that you find pleasure and comfort in this corner of the web!

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$28 per month


$288 per year

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Here’s What You’ll Get As a Member of the French Culinary Experience

Join the membership and get the results you’re proud of…way faster!

• 1 monthly step-by-step cuisine lesson and 1 monthly step-by-step pastry video lesson – each lesson is around 10 minutes long showing detailed, clear steps on how to make a recipe from start to finish plus an accompanying recipe card to print or save

• Access to the exclusive Facebook group where you can partake in the monthly challenges for fun prizes and rewards

• Live demonstrations and support for the recipes shared in the membership so that you’re always maintaining clarity and confidence

• Bonuses: exclusive video tours of bakeries and markets during my trips to France

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joining the membership

“What if I’m not a practiced cook or baker?”

Pas de problème! Aka that’s totally okay! We cover culinary basics in this membership and make sure the video lessons offer step-by-step visual instructions so that you can follow along no matter where you are on your culinary journey.

“I don’t have enough time”

Life can get busy, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from the French, it’s that we have to take the time for ourselves to do the things we love and enjoy. Cooking and baking are so much more than making yummy treats; they’re a way to calm your mind, relax, spend time with loved ones and create long-lasting traditions.

“I don’t know if I can do this”

If you haven’t cooked or baked a lot in the past, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed or intimidated, but we’ve all had to start somewhere. If you put your faith in me, I promise you that you can do this and that I’ll be here to help you improve your culinary skills every step of the way.

“I can’t afford it”

Attending local classes at a culinary shop can get expensive. Not only that, but you’re often left wondering how to do something without a clear visual of what the instructor is demonstrating. As a member of the French Culinary Experience, you’ll have step-by-step video tutorials with a clear bird’s-eye view that you can watch at your own pace, meaning you can pause, play, and rewind as much as you want. Not only that, but you’ll have direct access to me, live video demos, and a wonderful community of supportive home chefs who are here to help answer your questions and cheer you on.

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If you are unhappy with our service or wish to leave the membership, you may cancel at anytime. Simply contact us to process your membership cancellation.

Value Stack Up

Monthly Video Lessons – $150

Receive two step-by-step video tutorials on how to make a French meal or pastry and follow along in the comfort of your own home

Monthly Live Demo + Q&A – $50

A one-on-one live demo or question and answer period with me so that you have the support you need

Access to Monthly Group Culinary Session – $25

Join your fellow culinary enthusiasts in a virtual cooking or baking session each month through a live video conference to keep you accountable and having fun

Access to the private and exclusive French Culinary Experience Facebook Group – priceless!

Connect with a group of fellow Francophiles and home chefs inside a warm and creative community, plus you’ll get to participate in the chance to win fun rewards and prizes

Total Value: $150 per month

But you get it for $28/month!

or $288/year (a yearly savings of $48)

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